Dystowarz is our proprietary game and will lead the way for projects that make use of the $DYSTO token. It will be the first candidate for both The Portal and The Launchpad. Dystowarz will also pioneer the way through the LaunchPad's curation process.


The year is 2145. Since our time, carbon emissions have surpassed critical levels, rendering the Earth nigh-uninhabitable outside the confines of man-made shelters. With trees mostly reduced to ash, radiation now permeates the atmosphere and engulfs our once-blue planet. Remaining survivors reside in shelters named Tech Stations. These stations, in turn, ally with one another to form Districts, increasing their likelihood of survival. Within the Tech Stations, humans toil to synthesize the necessary resources required for survival.

The increasing scarcity of primary materials has sewn conflict between existing Districts. With the rampant wildfires having burned down Earth's forests, wood has become a precious resource. Cellulose is used for insulation Tech Stations and worker suits, but to get wood, those workers must face the dangers of the wastes beyond the confines of the Tech Stations they call home.

Different Tech Stations have adopted different strategies for obtaining these precious materials – wood and metal. Some construct Workers Suits; others resort to violence and warfare, investing their materials in Peacemaker suits; metal suits equipped with lethal weaponry best used to conquer other Tech Stations.

The world is a harsh place, and the fight for mere survival is unlike any other global conflict, seemingly without end.

Will humanity mature and co-operate, finding a way out of this dystopian apocalypse, or is this the end as we know it?


Dystowarz is a browser-based game with rich lore, set in an immersive dystopian world where players struggle for survival. It will make use of NFTs interacting with several smart contracts to facilitate interesting and varied gameplay.

Dystowarz consists of three main types of NFTs: Tech Stations, Workers, and Peacemakers. Tech Stations are buildings that can produce either Workers or Peacemakers. Tech Stations with the "War Factory" trait can produce Peacemakers, while Tech Stations with the "Headquarters" trait produce workers.

Players have to stake Tech Stations to get a peacemaker or a worker every 7 (seven) days. Workers can be staked to gain $wood and $metal. Staked Workers gain 1 Wood and 1 Metal each week. They can be unstaked at any time. Workers are capped at 25.000. Peacemakers can be staked to gain $wood and $metal. When a peacemaker's staking period ends, it will be burnt, and the owner will lose its Peacemaker. Peacemakers are not capped.

Every minted or produced peacemaker has level 0. Peacemakers can be upgraded up to level 9. Each upgrade has a chance to succeed or fail. If the upgrade fails, you lose your peacemaker. Peacemakers with higher levels grant more wood and metal when consumed for staking. Level 9 peacemakers have different staking mechanisms and are not necessarily consumed through staking. Upgrade perks, risks and costs are presented in the table below -

LevelUpgrade CostSuccess RateStaking IncomeStaking Time
00 (minted)100%2 $wood AND 10 $metal7 days
12 $wood90%5 $wood AND 11 $metal8 days
23 $wood85%10 $wood AND 14 $metal9 days
35 $wood80%18 $wood AND 17 $metal10 days
42 $metal70%25 $wood AND 26 $metal12 days
52 $wood60%42 $wood AND 42 $metal14 days
63 $wood50%87 $wood AND 81 $metal14 days
74 $metal40%207 $wood AND 205 $metal20 days
87 $metal30%685 $wood AND 685 $metal30 days
3400 $wood AND 3400 $metal
Indefinite OR
30 days

$wood and $metal are also used to hasten the production of peacemakers and workers. Each $wood reduces the preparation time of Workers by 24 hours, while each $metal reduces the preparation time of peacemakers by 24 hours.

Preparation times can be reduced by a maximum of 6 days per building. At least 24 hours are needed to build and prepare a worker or peacemaker.

At the end of each month, surplus $wood and $metal can be traded for $DYSTO. The $DYSTO to $wood and $DYSTO to $metal will be decided by our team depending on the overall income of $wood and $metal present in the game.

Staking level 9 peacemakers will also grant you one share. Each month a fixed reward of $DYSTO will be split among players who have shares. The fewer existing shares, the more reward each share yields.


The minting phase will create the NFTs via The Launchpad:

  • 1500 Buildings ∙ 500 Headquarters and 1000 War Factories
  • 5500 Peacemakers
  • 3000 Workers

Minting the NFTs will be possible on the DystoWorld Launchpad, using $DYSTO.

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