The DystoWorld Portal is a virtual platform composed of 360 x 360 Parcels (129.600 in total). These are NFTs (as per the ERC-721 standard) allowing players to own a portion of the DystoWorld ecosystem. Parcels enable owners to host games and sell assets via The Launchpad. Parcels are presented as 2D assets on a map, each corresponding to a 3D virtual space. Owning a Parcel means you can customize the logo or upload a profile picture that represents the space and your project.

Owning a PARCEL

By visiting the DystoWorld Portal, users will view the main Parcel owners in DystoWorld and their digital assets via representative logos. Owners of multiple adjacent Parcels will be able to customize a bigger area of the map, thus having more exposure to users. Holding multiple Parcels—irrespective of adjacency—will increase the limit of assets an address is able to list on the launchpad.

Parcels themselves will have a staking option, and owning at least one Parcel also unlocks Landlord Staking, increasing the yield for staked $DYSTO. The Portal will offer incentives in $DYSTO for users who interact with the environment, with greater rewards for Landlords. Users who don't own Parcels are also incentivized to interact with the ecosystem and rewarded in $DYSTO for different actions, such as buying digital assets from the DystoWorld Launchpad, playing games hosted on The Portal or visiting the available assets promoted by Parcel owners.

Landlords also gain access to an administrative panel visible in The Launchpad, providing tracking and statistics for sold items and tools used for the creation and distribution of digital goods, including establishing the NFTs metadata, or batch uploading it.

Our first NFT Gallery that will be airdropped to all holders after the 1st phase of land sale.


Each Parcel is bound to a 3D private space that shares its ownership with the Parcel. When you acquire a Parcel within the DystoWorld Portal, you also obtain the museum-like 3D private space.

Within this space, the owner can place digital goods on display and thus customize their 3D room.

The NFTs displayed here can also be staked with the landlord staking program. There are a few requirements to be eligible for this program, but the rewards are well worth your effort as a collector:

  • You have to own a Parcel with a 3D private space in our metaverse.
  • You have to stake the Parcel.
  • You have to own and stake NFTs originally minted on the DystoWorld Launchpad. For each NFT, the owner receives pro-rata rewards in $DYSTO token.

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