$DYSTO is the building block of DystoWorld's ecosystem. The token serves a multitude of utilities which you can see below -

  • Staking ∙ Staking $DYSTO yields rewards. Owning Parcels increases the APR, with additional increases if the Parcel is itself staked.
  • Buying Parcels ∙ The only way to acquire Parcels is by minting via $DYSTO. Having a Parcel is the first step in unlocking the landlord staking.
  • Launchpad Currency ∙ We do not restrict the sales in the Launchpad to $DYSTO only, however, there is a substantial fee reduction when buying digital goods in $DYSTO.
  • Unifying Economies ∙ Games and projects that make use of $DYSTO will be granted rewards to their users in the token. We want $DYSTO to be the main currency across a broad range of games.
  • Dystowarz Utility Token ∙ We will periodically grant $DYSTO for usage inside Dystowarz, especially as a play-to-earn reward, promoting and supporting the core ideas of DystoWorld: play-to-earn and true ownership.
  • Governance ∙ As DystoWorld will be DAO-operated, we will decentralize the important decisions for the entire ecosystem: staking, the DystoWorld Portal, the DystoWorld Launchpad, Dystowarz itself, and the future utilities of $DYSTO.
  • Narrative and Lore ∙ The DystoWorld DAO will also vote on, write and create the surrounding narrative and lore of the platform, and our proprietary game Dystowarz.

The economy of the broader ecosystem is carefully crafted to collect $DYSTO for sold items and use $DYSTO as a reward for key actions executed within the ecosystem. The $DYSTO ins and outs will be adjusted to carefully release the whole 400m $DYSTO supply within five years. The play-to-earn rewards will continue after this period, relying on the revenue from DystoWorld Launchpad and Dystowarz royalties.

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